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Russell Plant

Russell Plant
3 January 2019

Make Single-Use Plastics A Thing Of The Past

The term ‘single-use’ has become synonymous with plastic as evidence gathered by scientists and campaigners has revealed how throw-away bottles, bags and wrappers are creating a plastic pollution pandemic.

Reducing Single Use Plastic Usage

That the term single-use is the Collins ‘Word Of The Year’ reveals the huge shift in public awareness of the problem and it’s a clear indicator that single-use plastic’s days are numbered.

Previously, whilst public awareness of the scale of the problem remained low, the focus was on recycling rather than reducing the amount of throwaway plastics created in the first place. That ambivalence has been shattered after dramatic scenes of littered beaches, injured sea life and tangled sea birds have been exposed.

Now that it is evident that our throwaway culture is out of control, we need to look beyond reusing and recycling to see what viable alternatives there are. The harsh reality is that only 9% of the plastic produced globally since 1950 has actually been recycled.

Consumers have been inspired by the stark images they’ve seen or stories they’ve read in their newsfeeds to take personal action to move away from single use plastic, and they expect businesses to match their efforts.

The final straw for most came when it was discovered that micro plastics are entering our bodies through food, water and, alarmingly, even the air we breathe. Plastic has also been found in the world’s deepest ocean trench, the Mariana Trench, which is almost 36,000ft below sea level, as well as in Arctic ice.

Big companies are coming under unprecedented pressure to reduce their unnecessary plastic packaging and to find better solutions for consumer needs, the government has also been taking stock on our plastic problem, with unprecedented numbers of people responding to the recent Government plastic tax consultation.

Based on this, it’s very likely the government will impose firm targets on businesses for year on year reduction of single-use plastics. For many businesses this is likely to feel like a break in the proverbial well-oiled machine and knowing where to start can be daunting, but we’re on hand with all the information and expertise you need to help prepare and transition your business.

Initially, we can provide you with a free eco-audit which will break down your packaging processes and generate a plastic usage percentage score, we also offer on-site employee training of our eco-friendly packaging products for businesses looking to make the switch.

Why not start with one small change today? Visit our enormous range of eco-friendly products where you’ll find plastic-free alternatives to bubble wrap, void fill, tape and more, sign up for an eco-audit to find out how eco-friendly your business currently is or simply get in touch to find out more.

Together, let’s make packing better.

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