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Russell Plant

Russell Plant
3 May 2022

How to Wrap or Secure Pallets and Reduce Single Use Plastic

It is increasingly important to be aware of the way we wrap and secure the pallets of product we store and ship. We all want to see less plastic being used unnecessarily, disposed of irresponsibly and sent to landfill unnecessarily. We need to understand if we can wrap and secure pallet using less single use plastics not just to reduce waste but also to offset the rising costs of plastic.

Why is the price of plastic packaging going up?

1. Plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content will now include a tax that the UK Government has introduced to incentivise an increase in the amount of plastic that is recycled and reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfill. This has increased the price for the consumer through the tax for products that do not include the minimum recycled content.

2. The Plastic Packaging Tax has driven massive, increased demand for recycled raw material, creating shortages and inflationary price pressure on reprocessed raw material.

3. The geopolitical situation has meant that the price of oil has increased significantly. Virgin plastic is made from oil, so if the price of oil is increasing, that makes plastic itself more expensive to manufacture, no matter which type of polymer it gets made into.

These 3 inflationary pressures have combined to create a perfect storm to increase the costs of wrapping and securing pallets.

Book a demonstration to see how the following 5 products can reduce single use plastic packaging and pallet wrapping costs.

Paper Strapping A Direct Replacement For Plastic Strapping

1. PaperStrap™ & Kornerguard™

PaperStrap paper strapping is an ideal alternative to plastic strapping and can be used together with cardboard edge protection to secure pallets in storage and during shipping. PaperStrap is made from sustainably sourced paper and can be used with a friction weld automatic hand tool to quickly and easily secure your products to the pallet. It is also ideal when used with a cardboard pallet box to contain and protect products on a pallet.


2. P.C. Net™

The P.C. Net™ reusable pallet nets are a pallet containment solution that is an alternative to plastic pallet wrap. We have a range of reusable pallet nets to secure palletised goods that can be used many times over to reduce or eliminate the use of single use plastic. These nets are a reusable pallet wrap that are easy to apply and can be opened to pick from and easily taken off the pallet to be stored for reuse. Ideal for internal pallet movements and for use in closed loop operations, saving considerable amounts of unnecessary single-use plastic.


3. PalletPAL™

The PalletPal reusable load straps reduces waste in the supply chain when securing products on a pallet for storage or in transit. They are quick and easy to apply with a width and length to suit most applications. PalletPal reusable pallet straps provide a safe reliable option and can be used on many different pallet loads and in all environments due to their flexibility and tough construction.


4. NanoStretch™

The range of NanoStretch™ pallet wrap films uses high technology polymers and up to 67 layer co-extrusion so that you can achieve greater holding and puncture strength with films that are around 40 % thinner. When combined with a pre-stretch wrapping machine like the Robopack 708 LP savings of over 50% can comfortably be achieved. To combat the rising costs of stretchfilm and to offset the forthcoming plastic tax, the change to NanoStretch™ is increasingly compelling.

PET Strapping Maxpack -1
pp strapping maxpack

5. PET and PP Strapping

We have a range of polypropylene and polyester banding products to give you peace of mind when securing your loads whilst reducing the amount of plastic being used. Polypropylene and polyester strapping is made from around 98% recycled plastics which reduces the amount of plastic being sent to landfill and helps to reduce the costs because the Plastic Packaging Tax is not included. When used with STB71 friction weld automatic hand tool it makes strapping quick and easy.

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