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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
17 June 2022

How to: Secure a pallet with a P.C. Net

This video will demonstrate how to secure a pallet with a P.C. Net.

When packaging goods it’s good practice to wear safety gloves to protect your hands.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

First, take the correct size net for the pallet from the storage box by the top straps and place the net on top of the pallet. Make sure that you match the correct side of the net to the matching side of the pallet – for example, if securing a 1.2 by 0.8 metre pallet, check the label on the P.C. Net to find the side which is 0.8 metres and make sure that this is on the correct side whilst the net is placed on top of the pallet.

Then work your way around pulling the net down evenly on each side.

Next, fasten the carabiners on all 4 corners of the pallet. If your forklift lifts the pallet on the short side, you can route the carabiners through the short side of the pallet and fasten on the long side to prevent potential damage from the forks going into the pallet.

Finally, tension the top straps using till you are happy with the load stability of the pallet.

Make sure you’re happy with the security of the load and then it can be put away into the racking or transported as required.


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