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Denver Shaw

Denver Shaw
25 April 2024

How to: Remove the P.C. Net from a pallet and store

This video will demonstrate how to remove a P.C. Net from a pallet.

When you need to remove the P.C. Net from the load on a pallet this can be done quickly and easily.

First, unfasten the carabiners on the four corners of the pallet.

Next, pull the net up the pallet, working your way around until the net is free of the products.

Lift off the net by the still-fastened top straps, fasten the carabiners together to prevent tangling, and hang on a P.C. Net Rack, or drop carefully into a storage box.

When storing P.C. Nets ensure that sizes are kept separate so that the correct size can easily be selected when required. Each size is identified by coloured corner rope as well as sizing labels.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

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