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Russell Plant

Russell Plant
8 May 2024

How to: Wrap pallets using less single use plastic palletwrap

This video will demonstrate how to use the Robopack 708 LP to wrap pallets using less single use plastic palletwrap.

First select an appropriate film. Maxpack work closely with our customers to identify the right film for your pallets.

Optimise the machine settings for the NanoStretch™ film type and your pallet. To wrap this medium sized pallet with cartons that weighs approximately 400 kg’s we will use a 12-micron NanoStretch™ film.

Set the prestretch to 350% and the tension to 20 around the base, 20 on the way up, 20 on the way down, and 40 at the base. We’ll set it to 3 revolutions on the base and 2 on the top. The turntable speed we will set to 10 per minute suitable for this stable pallet, and the film carriage speed we will set to 3.6. Record and fix the settings for consistent wrapping performance and optimised film usage.

This machine is the 708 LP: LP meaning Low Profile. This makes putting the pallet on the table safer and easier, reducing load movement as the ramps required are much shorter, saving space and reducing trip hazards.

To wrap this pallet, we have used only 104g of film, saving up to 80% of single-use plastic when compared to conventional films, whilst improving load stability and product protection.

When wrapping a pallet with overhangs, underhangs and awkward corners and shapes, the wrapping settings can be adjusted accordingly.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

In this example we will keep the prestretch at 350%, but lower the tension to 10 around the base, 10 on the way up, 10 on the way down, and 30 at the base. We will leave the revolutions as 3 on the base and 2 on the top. We will reduce the turntable speed to 7 and reduce the carriage speed to 3.5

We have used just 108 g of film to wrap this pallet, which although is very heavy and awkward is now safely secured for transit.

If you would like to start reducing your wrapping costs and improving pallet stability you can request an onsite demo from one of our local team, or even come to our demo centre with one of your pallets and we can find the best way to wrap your product.


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