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Steven Maxim

Steven Maxim
9 November 2021

PalletPal – Reduce Single Use Plastic Palletwrap

The PalletStrapz reusable pallet straps reduces waste in the supply chain when securing products on a pallet for storage or in transit. They are quick and easy to apply with a width and length to suit most applications.

reusable pallet straps

As the pressure mounts on organisations to be serious about reducing the amount of single use pallet wrap and strapping the PalletStrapz reusable pallet straps provide a safe reliable option and can be used on many different pallet loads and in all environments due to their flexibility and tough construction.


Reduces single-use plastic usage


Reduces packing time since equipment’s are not required to strap the products; thus, improving palletization speed.

Saves Costs

Since you can reuse the PalletStrapz a multiple number of times, you can save costs compared to the traditional PP straps which can we used only once. Also, helps save on garbage disposing costs.


Extremely easy to unwrap the products from the pallets.

High Strength

Specialized material used to provide greater strength to secure the products on the pallets.

How do they work?

PalletStrapz Reusable Pallet Straps.

The straps are made of heavy duty nylon with sections of specialised hook and loop secured to the straps. One end of the strap has a simple metal buckle attached and to secure the pallet you pass the strap around the pallet and pull the end of the strap through the buckle on the other end. This is then pulled tight and the hook side applied to the loop side of the strap.

Due to the slight stretch in the nylon the result is a very secure fit on the pallet even when secured by hand tightening.

reusable pallet straps loading

Flexible And Versatile.

Will It Work For You?

Due to the length of hook and loop section the PalletStrapz reusable pallet straps can be used to secure virtually any different type of load. Clients are using them to secure returnable plastic crates, plastic boxes, beer barrels, chemical containers, cartons, pallet boxes and sacks. They are also ideal for securing rolls of paper, polythene and other similar materials. the straps can be easily loosened, products picked from the pallet and re-secured for continued storage. This massively reduces time spent rewrapping pallets and cuts down on packaging waste.

reusable pallet straps

Many Benefits.

Helps You And The Environment.

By using PalletStrapz you will improve health and safety within your organisation because there is no need to use scissors or knives to open wrap or straps. It also reduces the risk of injury from falling goods. The straps can be easily opened and closed reducing the amount of time people will take to secure a load, pick from pallets and re-secure pallets for return to storage. They will also eliminate the time required in the use and maintenance of equipment because tools are not required. In addition, the straps are soft and so therefore will not scratch surfaces. The straps do not hide barcode labels and other pertinent information on shipments and so speeds up the process for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Reusable alternative to pallet strapping

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reusable pallet straps
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