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Steven Maxim

Steven Maxim
4 April 2022

The Current Challenges Facing Packaging Buyers

With upward pressure on prices, expected raw material shortages and a multitude of supply chain challenges now is the time to take a serious look at your packaging to see if you can alleviate the forthcoming challenges.


How to tackle price rises.

In a time of rising prices its worth spending time looking at what you are actually using to pack and protect your products. Is the packaging actually needed? Can you reduce the amount of packaging used? Can you use a different type of packaging to do the same job? Can you use high performance packaging that will offer the same protection with less material?

To combat paper price increases in cardboard boxes its worth checking out our range of stock boxes. We produce these in very large volume so that you can get bulk prices for the quantity that you want and when you want it as they can be delivered from stock.

The plastic tax has meant that the price of many traditional types of polythene packaging will now include the £200 per tonne tax on the import and production of single use plastic packaging that doesn’t contain a determined amount of recycled content. We have a range of pallet wrap, for use either as hand pallet wrap or automatic machine pallet wrap, that are produced with at least 30% recycled content. Our EcoTEK packing tape for sealing boxes will now include 30% recycled content to add to its already impressive line up of sustainable benefits that reduce its carbon footprint. The range of polythene mailing bags that we hold in stock is made almost entirely of recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Our pallet top sheets are made either from high performance thin film or from polyethene with at least 30% recycled content. Our polypropylene and polyester strapping is made with a very proportion of recycled content driving up sensible waste disposal and the demand for recycled material.

With fuel prices increasing this will have an impact on all bulky packaging. Think about ways to reduce this bulk so that as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your packaging deliveries it can also negate the impact these fuel increases may have. On demand paper packing void fill can save on delivery and storage costs as the paper dispenser will convert packs of paper into many cubic metres of sustainable void fill or paper packing. The EcoTEK packing tape system means you get over twice as much tape in one box, more than twice as much tape on a pallet, reducing delivery costs along with reduced core waste and time spent changing rolls. Geami paper which is a die cut paper wrapping system sometimes called hivewrap, beehive paper, activawrap, hexawrap or hexcell paper wrapping saves massive amount of space compared with rolls of bubblewrap.


Advice and onsite support to help transition to new packing methods

Changing to more sustainable ways of protecting and presenting your products can be a real challenge. It may mean changing the way your team packs; transitioning from products that have been in use for decades to new sustainable innovations that will require change, training and support for them to be effective.

You’ll need confidence to make the change, then training and ongoing support to ensure it is carried through to a full successful transition.

The P.C. Net™ is a reusable alternative to pallet wrap that is perfect for internal pallet movements and depot transfers at FMCG companies throughout the UK. It is already reducing consumption of single use plastic packaging, cutting waste and reducing pallet wrapping costs at leading companies like Amazon, Bunzl, Nestle and many others. PalletPAL™ is the ideal product for securing loads and can be reused many times without using single use plastic packaging. It is quick and easy to use and a very cost effective way to hit your sustainability targets. PaperStrap™ is a paper strapping made from 100% recyclable paper. It can be used in place of plastic strapping without changing the settings of your strapping machines. It can be used with friction weld battery hand tools, semi-automatic machines and even in some fully automatic machines.  Paperble™ paper bubblewrap is made from 100% recyclable paper helping your products stand out for the consumer and helping you reduce the use of single use plastic packaging.

We can provide online or onsite demo’s to help you understand the benefits that these product will bring to your operation and support you onsite as you integrate new products into your processes.

Supply Chain

Ensuring continuity of supply

With unexpected delays and changes to the availability of products you need to make sure you’re working with a supply partner who has built in buffer stocks to meet the demand even when supply is threatened. Our bulk stock of best selling products mean we have resource and time to ride out and mitigate the challenges in the supply chain so that our clients enjoy uninterrupted deliveries. We can work with you to schedule, forecast and budget ahead to give you peace of mind and fast delivery from stock. Our stock levels grew by over 50% during 2021 to ensure our customers had a reliable packaging supply chain partner. We can provide onsite packaging stock management, scheduled deliveries next day delivery, packing equipment hire and tool servicing to keep your operation running smoothly without needing to commit to your own large stockholding.

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