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Phil Carron

Phil Carron
18 October 2021

Packaging & Sustainability with Russell Plant

The priority in my role as Business Development Manager is to reward customers for their loyalty to Maxpack by making sure they’re looked after with a high level of service: packaging products are delivered when required; they receive the best value for money on their packaging; and they receive a proactive, knowledgeable response to all enquiries.

This has required additional energies over the last few months making sure we’ve got the stock to satisfy customers requirements with the global supply challenges.

I’m also involved in introducing our ‘Rethink Range’ of sustainable packaging products to current customers and new customers by demonstrating and educating as to environmental benefits. We’ll visit site, look at existing packing methods, then recommend and trial an alternative product.

Packaging Sustainability
What common packaging challenges are customers having?

The main packaging challenge we’re getting enquiries for at the moment are ways plastic products can be replaced with sustainable packaging products. For most businesses at the moment this is a big challenge because of the pressure on them to make changes but in some applications it’s very difficult to replace plastics. This is meaning that businesses are having to be open to change to facilitate different packaging methods and processes that will mean they can make the desired change to environmental packaging.

Papestrapping Alternative to Plastic
Reusable Pallet Straps
Pallet Containment Nets - Alternative to plastic wrapping and shrinkwrap
Paper bubble wrap
Paper Bubblewrap
Alternative to bubble wrap
Bespoke Corrugated Designs by Maxpack
Eco-friendly packaging wrapping
Should packaging be considered during or after product development?

Definitely during. Packaging can have a big impact in the success of a product launch. Packaging is often the first impression the customer gets of the product and therefore could be the reason for a potential customer choosing a product over a competitors product. Therefore it needs to be in mind throughout the development of the product.

Also with the growth in E commerce more products are traveling via carrier service which needs a different level of protection to prevent damage in the robust handling it will receive. This needs to be considered early in the product development as the product may require different features to make it easier to package for this journey.

Packaging is often the first impression the customer gets of the product and therefore could be the reason for a potential customer choosing a product over a competitors product.

Russell Plant
Business Development Manager

The topic of plastic and its effect on the environment is a popular subject across media at the moment. What is your view on how the packaging industry is dealing with it?

The packaging industry is being forced to react and ‘Rethink’ and innovate with alternative sustainable products. The pressure from the proposed plastic tax and consumer perception of the use of plastics in packaging is forcing change.

In some packaging situations it is requiring a complete ‘Rethink’ of the way we pack for example introducing returnable solutions in situations where single use plastic has been used for decades.

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What markets do you think would benefit from using sustainable packaging?

I believe every market would benefit from using sustainable packaging as it’s now a big part of a supplier assessment criteria and quality management systems are looking for evidence of sustainable products being used.

Also consumers are basing their choice on whether a product is packaged in sustainable packaging. This is meaning that businesses that are using sustainable packaging are getting ahead.

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