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Graham Welsby

Graham Welsby
25 October 2019

Simmonsigns Cuts Single-Use Plastic by 3500m

Simmonsigns recently contacted Maxpack asking them to review how their Modustar & Midustar Belisha Beacon globes are prepared for delivery.

simmonsigns cuts plastic usage maxpack

After consideration of how the pedestrian crossing globe is packaged, Maxpack designed a new, robust cardboard solution. The new box has streamlined the process of packing the item and we are pleased to see the dramatic reduction in our reliance on the plastic wrapping. This reduction in plastic waste has also had a positive response from our contractors on site who have to manage its disposal.

We Design to Make People Safer

An example of custom packaging made for Simmonsigns by Maxpack Simmonsigns & Maxpack Reduce Plastic Packaging

Removing Bubble Wrap

The new box design has a die cut cardboard chock enclosed within a tray to be used on the top and bottom of the box to support the base of the beacon globe which stops any movement. This removes the need for any additional bubble wrap and the product is now shipped in a vertical position.

The robust custom packaging has been drop tested 10 times from a height of 1 metre on all edges, corners and flat faces and meets all requirements.

Simmonsigns vision is ‘Creating Solutions To Make Roads Safer For Everyone.’

Based in Telford and established in 1985, Simmonsigns design and manufacture a wide range of high quality products for various signage and illumination applications which includes roads, streets, car parks, underpasses, footbridges, roundabouts, offices, warehouses, school and pedestrian crossings.

Belisha Beacon packaging from Maxpack saves 3,500m of single-use plastic a year.

We Design to Make People Safer

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