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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
11 November 2019

Paper Packaging Systems & Machines

Companies involved in the packing and delivery of products will be familiar with the importance of ensuring goods are kept free from damage in transit and can be unpacked with confidence. Businesses that achieve this are more likely to be successful and respected.

Rankpak Maxpack Voidfill Systems

The method generally employed is by the use of Voidfill packaging. This can include a range of products from wood wool, newsprint, polystyrene chips and moulded shapes, air-filled pillows, bubble wrap, greenfill, in-situ blown cushioning and no doubt others.

Many of these materials are not sympathetic to our environment or take up valuable storage space. These systems have not provided the optimum features for void filling. Hence the industry has been seeking a solution to meet and overcome the current weakness of conventional void fill.

Ranpak is the world-leading innovator of paper-based packaging systems and Automated Packaging Systems way ahead in designing and manufacturing flexible packing systems, providing a total systems approach.

Your packaging requirements are thoroughly investigated so that the key issues are understood and a complete system provided to meet them. Customising the packaging system to your needs means your packing operation is smooth working and ensures safe arrival of products at their destination.

Tailoring the system to your needs means your packing operation is smooth working and ensures safe arrival of products at their destination.

Russell Plant
Business Development


Ranpak provides a range of extremely versatile paper packaging systems that form different types of paper into light duty, high-speed medium duty and heavy duty cushioning for all in-the-box packaging needs. These paper converting machines form cushioning pads and configurations for blocking, bracing, void fill and wrapping properties.


Space Saving

No longer any need to take up valuable storage space with stock bags of loose fill or similar products. Paper machines are small footprint systems that provide on-demand rapid void filling and fast movement of boxes through the end-of-line transition.

Environmental Benefit and Ease of Disposal

In an increasingly eco-friendly aware world priority is now given to using products for safe packing and shipment that reduce landfill and carbon footprint. Paper maximises the value of environmental benefit being recyclable and easily disposed of.

Interested in Ranpak Voidfill Packaging Systems & Machines?

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