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Chiquita Devenish

Chiquita Devenish
8 June 2021

Sustainable Sourced Paper Bubblewrap Paperble™

Paperble™ is the paper alternative to bubble wrap that is changing how people protect their products. Originating from sustainable sources our patented, 100% recyclable and compostable Paperble™ provides outstanding product protection whilst minimising damage to the environment. Our supply chain is committed to exemplary forestry and abides by the requirements set down in the FSC® and PEFC™ guidelines.

All social, economic and ecological contributions to forest conservation are guaranteed thanks to the implementation and maintenance of these guidelines.


Alternative to Plastic Bubblewrap

Paperble™ is a 100% compostable paper bubblewrap that provides protection for products whilst minimising damage to the environment.

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Making the best out of synergies

The waste heat generated during the pulp production process is fed into a district heating network supplying heat to local farms, public institutions and private households via an 18km long pipeline route. All and any surplus electricity generated during production is fed into the public power grid, covering the energy requirements of around 10,000 households.

Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement being set-up
Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement being set-up with goods
Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement process starting
Paper bubble wrap
Paper Bubblewrap
Ensuring goods are fully protected with Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement
Finishing off the wrapping process with Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement
Squaring off the Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement
Sealing the Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement and package
Finished product: Package wrapped and secured in Plastic Bubble Wrap replacement

Thanks to the methods of synergy production there has been a significant reduction of fossil CO2- emissions in the region of manufacture, where biogenic wood was previously used as a raw material energy source.

Steve Maxim
Business Development Director

Clean Water. Perfect Air-Quality

The wastewater from our production lines is clarified within the in-house efficient wastewater treatment plant, as well as the wastewater from surrounding areas. Once clarified and cleaned, the water, in compliance with strict legal limits and requirements, is pumped back into the local river. Our state-of-the-art combustion technologies and our efficient cleaning equipment ensures that all exhaust emissions are well below regulatory limits.

Paperble™ is 100% recyclable, 100% compostable packaging and provides outstanding protection and presentation for your products.

Explore more about Paperble™ and how paper bubble wrap is the solution to replacing single-use plastic bubble wrap.

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