The Power of PaperStrap™


Discover the power in our industry leading paper strap, by watching our video and seeing its effectiveness of using paper strapping for lifting heavy loads.


The Power of PaperStrap™

A sustainable and recyclable alternative to the conventional polypropylene or polyester strapping.


Benefits of our paper strapping include:

55ps break strain

High-strength and tear-resistant material

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic strapping

Secure a wide range of products, from boxes to pallets

Can be printed with branding, to promote your organisation and eco-friendly credentials

Flexible to be used on a variety of banding applications

Quick, efficient and easy to use

Smooth paper strapping, meaning less dust than embossed

Sustainable, recyclable, and compostable

FSC certified paper Sustainably sourced

Paper Strapping is an eco-friendly and fully recyclable substitute for polypropylene strapping that seamlessly integrates with both automatic and semi-automatic machines, as well as friction weld tools. This innovative strapping requires less energy to apply than plastic strapping and provides a durable, strong seal.

By opting for Paper Strapping, you can make your packaging more environmentally sustainable. Unlike polypropylene and polyester strapping, which are not commonly recycled and often end up in landfills, Paper Strapping is biodegradable and easily recyclable.

Want to see PaperStrap™ in action and discover how it can be implemented into your organisation?

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