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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
11 October 2022

How to: Strap a pallet with PaperStrap™ and the STB71

This video will demonstrate how to strap a pallet with PaperStrap™ and the STB71 automatic strapping tool.

Step 1

Load the PaperStrap™ onto the correct dispenser ensuring the strap comes off the roll clockwise.

This dispenser has a tray which safely fits the tool, a brake to prevent the roll spinning after dispensing, a protective guide to prevent strap damage, and is manufactured in Britain to the highest standard to ensure reliability.


Step 2

Present the dispenser to the pallet ensuring the PaperStrap™ is fed over the pallet and not under.


Step 3

Feed the strap under the pallet ensuring there are no twists. To successfully bond the strap the recyclable logo should be facing upwards on both sections.


Step 4

Align the two lengths of strapping flush on top of each other ensuring the starting piece is always on the bottom. Incorrect alignment will result in poor seal strength.


Step 5

Squeeze the handle of the tool and carefully put the strap into the guides, making sure to leave only a short tail. Release the handle and the tool will then grip the strapping in position. The strapping should be aligned straight through the tool.


Step 6

Now you are ready to tension and seal the strap. If using a Signode BXT2 or BXT3 make sure the tool is set to “manual” mode, as the automatic setting on these tools provides too much tension and will snap the strapping. Contact us for more information on how to use Signode tools in manual mode.

If using the STB71 the “Automatic” mode can be used. Set to Soft mode then set the tension at 300 newtons and press the “number 1” function button, and the tool will automatically tension the strap, friction weld the join and cut the strap in one operation.


Step 7

Remove the strap from the tool both quickly and carefully, so that the heat of the wheel and tooth plate don’t encourage the strap to stick to the tool, and the welded join is not broken.


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