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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
13 June 2023

Boost Efficiency with Our Automatic Strapping Tools

Are you looking to boost efficiency in your operations? Our advanced Signode and Strapex Automatic Strapping Tools can make a significant impact. They’re designed to enhance tension and seal quality while drastically reducing maintenance costs. Experience the benefits of an optimised operation with our latest offering.

For a limited time, we’re offering a generous £250 trade-in discount when you upgrade your old strapping tools.

Don’t miss this chance to harness the power of cutting-edge technology in your workspace. With user-friendly touchscreen programmes and full on-site service backup, we’ve got your needs covered.

Offer ends 31st June 2023.

Strapping Tool Signode Maxpack 3
Strapping Tool Signode Maxpack 4
Introducing the STB71 Strapex Automatic Strapping Too

The STB 71 Strapex is an advanced strapping tool suited for light-duty applications. It delivers a variable tensioning speed of up to 290mm/s, proven to enhance productivity by increasing uptime. Designed for flexibility, the STB 71 Strapex accommodates strapping widths from 9mm to 13mm, compatible with materials such as PaperStrap, polypropylene, and polyester. This makes it a versatile solution for diverse packaging requirements.

A standout feature is the digitally controlled strapping process, guaranteeing precision and consistency. The user-friendly strap alignment indicator reduces errors, while the tool offers quick access to favourite strapping functions, enhancing workflow efficiency.

In terms of design, the STB 71 Strapex is lightweight and ergonomic, minimising user fatigue. The protective design, including a new battery cover, boosts longevity.

Maintenance costs are low due to fewer wearing parts, offering an economic advantage. Despite this, the tool provides improved performance, capable of up to 800 cycles per charge. A locking feature ensures consistent tensioning, guaranteeing consistent results across different strapping tasks.

Strapping Tool Signode Maxpack 2
Strapping Tool Signode Maxpack 1
Meet the BXT3 Range Signode Automatic Strapping Tools

The BXT3 range from Signode includes advanced automatic strapping tools designed to cater to diverse industry requirements. The BXT3-16 13mm model is optimised for tensioning, sealing, and cutting polyester and polypropylene. It’s been developed alongside various demanding European manufacturing plants, exemplifying its capability to meet stringent demands.

Next, the BXT3-16 16mm model is designed for effective strapping with polyester and polypropylene. Compatible with 16mm strapping, it provides strap alignment indication. The integrated touchscreen displays the tension force applied and the strap cycle completion, promoting real-time adjustments for enhanced efficiency.

Finally, the BXT3-19 19mm model is tailored for heavy-duty tasks. Providing real-time updates on strap alignment, tension force, and strap cycle completion, it offers consistent, industry-leading performance. Suitable for 19mm strapping, it combines durability and efficiency.

In brief, the BXT3 range from Signode offers a variety of automatic strapping tools delivering top-notch performance, customisation, and user-friendly operation.

Our Battery-Operated Strapping Tools Provide:
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Lightweight, easy handling
  • Improved performance with minimal data usage
  • Consistency with lock features
  • Budget-friendly options
Service and Rental of Battery Operated Strapping Tools

Maxpack offers full-service rental for our battery-strapping tools. Our dedicated service engineers ensure your tools remain in excellent condition.

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