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Steven Maxim

Steven Maxim
10 August 2022

Eco Friendly Ways To Wrap Pallets

If you are looking for ways to wrap your pallets more sustainably there are a number of ways to do this depending on the product you are wrapping and the journey the pallet takes. We have a number eco friendly ways to wrap pallets that can improve efficiencies, reduce costs and reduce plastic waste.

We have a great blog post that looks at ways to remove palletwrap check it out here.


Less Waste.
Less Plastic.

Combine NanoStretch™ Machine Palletwrap with a pre-stretch wrapping machine like the Robopack 708 LP, to achieve waste savings of over 50% and cost savings of over 40% compared with conventional pallet wrap films.

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NanoStretch Packaging Systems

Using high technology polymers and up to 67 layer co-extrusion you can achieve greater holding and puncture strength with films that are around 40% thinner. When these films are combined with high performance power pre-stretch wrapping machines, savings of over 50% in weight can be achieved.

If you are looking for ways to offset the forthcoming plastic tax the change to NanoStretch becomes increasingly compelling.


Less Waste
Less Plastic Tax
Reduced Wrapping Costs
Improved Pallet Stability

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