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Russell Plant

Russell Plant
31 August 2021

Top 5 Palletwrap Alternatives

Palletwrap alternatives: what are the alternatives to plastic pallet wrap, shrinkwrap or stretch film? Pallet Nets and other alternatives to plastic wrap.

Customers frequently come to us and explain that as part of their sustainability strategy or environmental targets they would like to remove stretchwrap, palletwrap or stretch film from their pallets that they despatch. Palletwrap has been around a long time, it does a great job and it can be difficult to find ways to remove it but at Maxpack we have worked hard to bring alternative solutions to the market place that supports your strategy’s and helps you towards your target.

P.C. Net™

Alternative to Single Use Plastic Palletwrap

Using P.C. Nets will help your company become more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

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The P.C. Net™ is a reusable and robust alternative for securing products to pallets for storage and safe transport, removing the need for pallet wrap and reducing plastic waste and disposal costs.

Using P.C. Net™ will allow your company to become more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. They are easily pulled down around your product, then secured to the bottom of the pallet. The elasticated edging ensures a tight fit all around to keep product from moving. The P.C. Net™ can be reduced up to 500mm of height reduction (i.e. when some products are removed from the pallet and remaining stock need to be contained) The P.C. Net™ comes in three different pallet sizes, to suit most markets. They are colour coded for easy recognition of sizes and heights.


Returnable & Reusable – 3 to 5 Years
End of Life Recyclable
No Waste Disposal Costs
Elasticated Edging
Multiple Sizes
Quicker Than Pallet Wrap
Improves Your Carbon Profile
Less Damage in Transit
Contains Product During Potential Tip Over

How P.C. Net™ can solve your problems:

The P.C. Net™ is designed and manufactured as a cost-effective, re-usable, alternative to traditional methods for pallet containment. They are a robust and secure netting system that replaces the need for single-use plastic shrink/stretch wrap to secure your product onto pallets. Our P.C. Net™ will contribute to your company becoming more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. As the P.C. Net™ are reusable, they will quickly see your business saving money.

They eliminate the costs associated with disposing of used plastic film. As well as the time and efficiency you can gain when staff don’t have to replace stretch wrap every time any product is taken off pallets. They simply pull down the P.C. Net™, take the required cartons/product off, and replace the P.C. Net™ to secure the pallet again.

Paper Strapping

Alternative to Plastic Strapping

The revolutionary strapping is designed to work with automatic and semi-automatic machines as well as friction weld tools.

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PaperStrap is the 100% recyclable alternative to polypropylene strapping. The revolutionary strapping is designed to work with automatic and semi-automatic machines as well as friction weld tools. The transition is seamless, requires less energy to apply than plastic strappings and offers a strong, robust seal.

PaperStrap is biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly. As polypropylene and polyester strapping is not widely recycled they become likely products to be sent to landfill or worse. Making your packing more environmentally sustainable.


Environmentally Friendly
Reduces Operational Costs
Quick & Easy to Apply
Strong & Robust
Reduced Energy Consumption

Pallet Strapz

Heavy Duty Reusable Pallet Straps

Reusable pallet restraint or containment. Reduces spend on palletwrap and helps the environment by reducing waste.

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The Pallet Strapz product is a reusable and adjustable pallet or load strap, perfect for warehouse and logistics applications. It is constructed from a loop tape with a hook tip closure. Save time and money over conventional shrink wraps and by using Pallet Strapz saving on average 37% in time and 100% in waste.

Pallet Straps uses specialized hook and loop technology and material to ensure the life of each straps very high.


Returnable & Reusable
End of Life Recyclable
Reduce Waste Disposal Costs
Multiple Strap sizes
Fit Most Pallet Types & Heights 

Facilities using the Pallet Strapz will receive many benefits; they are improving their health and safety scores because the tool provides a highly visible accessory which eliminates the need for hazardous tools like scissors of knives and reduces the risk of injury from falling goods. The straps can be easily opened and closed reducing the amount of time people will use to secure a load and eliminate time required in movement to, and maintenance of, alternative equipment because there are not tools required to make these straps functional.

In addition, the straps are soft and so therefore will not scratch surfaces. The straps do not hide barcode labels and other pertinent information on shipments and so speeds up the process for incoming and outgoing shipments.

This solution has versatility and has proven to be successful across markets and industries from an apparel and outdoors supplier in Australia to a large appliance retailer in the UK. This solution has also resulted in savings for truck and automotive, tile and chemical distributors.


Where you cant remove palletwrap we do have options to massively reduce the weight of film used to wrap your pallets.

Using high technology polymers and up to 67 layer co-extrusion you can achieve greater holding and puncture strength with films that are around 40% thinner. When these films are combined with high performance power pre-stretch wrapping machines, savings of over 50% in weight can be achieved.

To combat the rising costs of stretchfilm and to offset the forthcoming plastic tax the change to NanoStretch is increasingly compelling.


Less Waste
Less Plastic Tax
Reduced Wrapping Costs
Improved Pallet Stability


High performance film that is pre stretched during the manufacturiong process to ensure the optimum amount of film is applied to secure the load. Reduces plastic waste and the impact to the environment by over 50% compared with conventional films.


Reduce Disposal & Material Costs
Reduce Plastic Waste by Over 50%
Lightweight & Durable
More Consistent Wrapping

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