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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
21 January 2020

The Original Jiffy Padded® Bag

Jiffy Packaging Company Limited was incorporated by the Baldwin family in 1964 to produce its namesake Jiffy Padded Bags. The Baldwins had produced wood wool in Birmingham since 1896 and Manchester since 1926 but chose Winsford in Cheshire as the base for their new company.

Born in 1964, the original Jiffy Padded® Bag® has stood the test of time. Offering brilliant performance in burst strength, durability and cushioning.

The original Jiffy bags were made of a paper outer, an inner layer of thinner paper and shredded used newsprint sandwiched in between to provide the protective padding. As the bag is used the recycled material bulks out like a quilt during its journey and becomes more and more protective!

The famous ‘million-mile’ Jiffy Bag was an original Jiffy padded bag that travelled back and forth between the UK and New Zealand 50 times, clocking up an incredible million miles delivering audio letters between pen friends.


Jiffy Green eco-friendly, padded mailing bags are high quality, durable, lined padded envelopes. Filled with cushioning paper fibres to provide excellent protection for your items. Ideal for posting heavier duty, robust items. Each bag features a double glued bottom and the padding within the bags increase in effectiveness with use as the fibres fluff up for extra cushioning.


  • Can be reused many times
  • Strong and sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for those regularly shipping items in-house
  • Double glued bottom flap for security

Interested in Jiffy Padded® Bags?

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can remove plastic from your packaging, reduce costs and help you protect our environment.

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