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Flexxé™ – 100% Paper Honeycomb Flexible Protective Sleeves

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These 100% paper, recyclable and biodegradable honeycomb sleeves offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and polystyrene packaging.

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Discover the new Flexxé™ system, a range of expanding 100% paper honeycomb protective paper sleeves.

These compostable paper sleeves are cost-effective yet provide outstanding flexible protection for bottles, jars, manufacturing components, breakable tiles, china parts and other similar awkward and fragile products.

Eco-friendly and Plastic-free

Completely recyclable and biodegradable, Flexxé™ provides a green alternative to traditional plastic and polystyrene.

Strength and Durability

Unique Hexagonal Cell Structure design offers superior protection.

Highly adaptable: Expands from 20mm to 100mm in diameter, accommodating a range of product dimensions.

Versatility in Product Protection

Ideal for items like glass bottles, ceramics, tiles, and more.

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Paper Honeycomb Protective Sleeves

Are you looking for a sustainable and efficient, cost-effective, and versatile solution for protecting a wide range of breakable and awkwardly shaped items. From fragile tiles, china, protecting manufacturing parts, door handles - the list is endless.

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