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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
1 February 2024

How to: Strap a parcel with PaperStrap™ and the semi-auto strapping machine

This video will demonstrate how to strap a parcel with PaperStrap™ and a semi-automatic strapping machine.

Begin by loading the machine: open the left hand side door and remove the roll holder. Unscrew the front retaining wheel and remove the front holding plate.

Put the roll on the holder, making sure the strap comes off the roll from the top of the roll towards the machine, matching the label on the front of the front holding plate and the diagram on the machine.

Once clamped in the holder the straps can be removed from the roll of strap. Don’t do this before clamping the roll in the holder as you can end up with the roll uncoiling and wasting a lot of strap!

Put the roll holder back in the machine, close the left-hand door, and inside the right hand door take the strap end and pull it towards you.

Ensure that the strap is fed through the brake bar roller first, then under the 2nd roller as described on the inside of this door.

As the PaperStrap™ is pulled through the brake bar will drop down and release the brake from the roll holder – allowing the strap to be pulled.

Pull the strap through the hole in the door, close the door, feed it through the guide, around the 3rd roller and back into the machine until you can see the strap feed out on top the machine.

Switch on the machine using the large red switch. There are 3 other controls on the front of the machine: the Length function, which controls how much strap is automatically fed out after the first cycle ready for the next parcel; the Reset function, which will cut the strap through the top of the machine and feed a new piece through (clearing any jams); and the Feed function, which will feed more strap as required.

On the rear of the machine is tension control – with this you can adjust the tension of the strap depending on what you are strapping.

Now we’re ready to start strapping our parcels.

It is important to let it the machine warm up for 3 to 4 minutes after switching on to ensure a good seal on the first strap.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

Put your carton on the table up to the guide and make sure it is lined up where you want to put your first strap.

Take the strap around the box and feed it back into the machine in the guide gap. This begins the strapping cycle, and the strap is tensioned, sealed, and cut in one quick operation.

Check the seal is straight and the tension is correct before strapping your parcel a further 2 to 3 times as required.


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