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Sue Barlow

Sue Barlow
25 April 2023

How Does CirrusAir™ Protective Air Cushion System Work

The CirrusAir™ Protective Air Cushion System is an innovative packaging solution that provides superior protection for a wide range of products during shipping. This system is designed to ensure your products arrive safely and in perfect condition while offering a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional packaging materials. In this blog post, we will explore the various components of the CirrusAir™ System, including the machines, films, and accessories, as well as the numerous benefits of using air cushion packaging.

The Machines

The CirrusAir™  System utilises reliable German-made machines that offer consistent performance and require minimal maintenance. These machines feature touchscreen interfaces, compatibility with all system solutions, and the ability to produce up to 150 air pillows per minute. The CirrusAir™ Vario Machine can accommodate film widths up to 230mm, while the CirrusAir™ Maxx Machine suits film widths between 400mm and 800mm.

These machines offer fast onsite technical support, ensuring hassle-free operation and reduced downtime and repair costs.

The Films

CirrusAir™ films are made from recycled materials, making them a more sustainable packaging option. They are super lightweight and high-performance, which translates to lower shipping costs and reduced plastic waste. The films are available in various pouch configurations, providing superior protection and an enhanced customer experience.

Protect Your Products with Air Cushioning Bags: The Ultimate Packaging Solution

Air cushioning bags, such as the ones produced by the CirrusAir System, offer numerous advantages over traditional packaging materials. They are lightweight, versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The various pouch configurations ensure you can find the perfect solution for your specific packaging needs.

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The CirrusAir™ Accessories

The CirrusAir System also includes high-performance, fully automatic mobile units that supply air cushions to multiple packaging stations. These accessories are equipped with photo sensors for a smooth and uninterrupted packaging process and retractable and swivel-ready pillow guides for easy positioning and handling. By automating the air-cushion supply process, these accessories help to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing material waste and labour costs.


The CirrusAir™ Protective Air Cushion System is a game-changer in packaging solutions. Its combination of reliable, high-performance machines, sustainable and lightweight films, and efficient accessories make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to protect their products during shipping while reducing costs and minimising their environmental impact. By investing in the CirrusAir™ System, you can ensure your products’ safe and secure delivery, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and success for your business.

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