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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
12 September 2022

How to: Strap a pallet or parcel with PaperStrap™ by hand or with hand tools

This video will demonstrate how to strap a pallet or parcel with PaperStrap™ by hand or using hand tools.

Load the PaperStrap™ onto the correct dispenser ensuring the words “recyclable” are facing up. This dispenser has a tray which safely fits the tools and seals, a protective guide to prevent strap damage, and is manufactured in Britain to the highest standard to ensure reliability.

Present the dispenser to the pallet ensuring the PaperStrap™ is fed over the pallet or parcel and not under.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

To use PaperStrap™ with either plastic or metal buckles: thread the end of the strap into the buckle and back a short distance. Then form a loop with the strap going to the dispenser and putt it into the buckle. The strap can then be tensioned with a strapping tensioner; once the desired tension has been achieved the strap can be cut.

To use PaperStrap™ with seals: place the seal over the 2 straps making sure the cut end is at the bottom. Squeeze the handle of the tensioner and carefully put the 2 straps through the tool, then release the handle clamping the strap. The strap that goes back to the dispenser can then be fed through the windlass and the strap tensioned to the required amount.

Put the seal on the strap with the open side of the seals facing down, and carefully insert the seal into the jaws of the sealer, then squeeze them closed. Using the tensioner, cut the strap and check the integrity of your seal.


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