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Ryan Leader

Ryan Leader
12 August 2022

How to: Keep your STB71 in good order when using PaperStrap™

This how to video demonstration will show you how to keep your STB71 in good working order when using with Paperstrap™. Learn more about the STB71 and Paper Strapping.

To clean the wheel and toothplate use a small wire cleaning brush and thoroughly clean all debris out from these toothed parts. Make sure you don’t use anything that will blunt these teeth as this will cause the strap will slip in use. Cleaning brushes are available to purchase through Maxpack – get in touch with your sales contact and request part number X8191.

To clear a strap jam (when the handle will no longer release the strap): insert the included 3 mm Allen key into the access hole on the front of the unit and turn anticlockwise 10 full rotations until you feel a distinct click. The handle can then be lifted and the jam can be cleared.

Keeping your STB71 in good order is essential when securing pallets to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

To charge the battery, set up the charger in a safe place, push the battery into the charger, switch the charger on and leave charging until the indicator light turns green.

If you have an issue you are unable to fix get in touch with your sales contact at Maxpack and we can arrange for the tool to be repaired by one of our engineers.


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