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Stu Bloodworth
23 May 2022

New Sustainable Lighting System At Maxpack

We spend most of our time helping our customers take a sustainable approach to protecting their products so it was great to be involved in a project to improve our own carbon footprint. We are close to completing a new lighting system installation that will cut CO2 by over 53 tonnes per year.

During 2021 we worked with Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce to audit our operation and identify ways we could reduce our impact on our environment. Along with other initiatives we identified efficient lighting systems and lighting methods that would significantly cut the consumption of energy and thus the amount of CO2e created to generate this energy. We are now nearing completion of the installation and set up of this system so that we can start to see the benefits for the most part of 2022.

Alongside this work our mission ‘Protecting Your Production’ drives us to continue to develop products that help our customers. The range of P.C. Nets are a reusable alternative to single use plastic palletwrap, ideal for use in closed loop operations or for internal pallet movements. PaperStrap is a great paper based alternative to plastic strapping that uses paper from sustainable sources, is 100% recyclable and fully compostable. Paperble is a fully paper based alternative to single use plastic bubblewrap that helps you and your products to stand out from the rest. PalletPal is a reusable load strap with hook and loop fastening that is proving a safe reusable method of containing and restraining products of all types on pallets. We have a growing range of products that are either eliminating plastic, reducing plastic or embracing the minimum of 30% recycled content.

We are working constantly on developing new products to add to our range of sustainable packaging that will help our clients achieve their CSR and environmental targets. Our team here are enthusiastic about supporting and helping you pack sustainably, efficiently and cost effectively and currently working with a diverse mix of customers from the manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment sector.


Maxpack could achieve annual savings of over 53 tonnes of CO2e by implementing this report's recommendations.

Simon Helmer
Advisor, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

The aim of the Business Energy Efficiency Programme is to help businesses lower energy and resource consumption, improve efficiencies and environmental performance.

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