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Ryan Leader

Ryan Leader
15 September 2023

Want to Experience EcoTEK™?
Here’s Why You Should.

For businesses and individuals alike, efficiency becomes pivotal when dealing with a high volume of packaging tape. We’re proud to introduce the EcoTEK™ Hand Taping System—a game changer designed to elevate your tape usage experience.

If you’re thinking about its usage, we’ve got you covered. Watch our Product Demonstration Video to see how effortless it is to operate and load the EcoTEK™ system.

EcoTEK™: The Go-to for High-Volume Tape Users

EcoTEK™ dispenser offers an ergonomic grip for less strain
Load 150m tape on a 1″ core easily
Ensure the tape’s adhesive side faces out
The silencer bar provides quieter dispensing
Retracting the blade minimises injury risk
Durable unbreakable flap
Quiet, ergonomic hand dispenser

"EcoTEK™ doesn't just dispense tape; its ergonomic design, safety features, and noise-reduction promise a packaging experience that's truly ahead of its time."

Neil Plant
Business Development

Why is EcoTEK™ a Cut Above the Rest?

Ergonomic Design for Prolonged Use
Extra-Long Rolls, Fewer Changes
Noise-Reduction for a Better Work Environment
Safety First
Durability that Delivers

Try EcoTEK™

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Don’t just take our word for it. We’re offering a free sample pack for you to experience the brilliance of EcoTEK™ firsthand.

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In Conclusion

The EcoTEK™ Hand Taping System is more than just a tool—it’s a testament to innovation in the packaging sector. Emphasising both functionality and user experience, its ergonomic design, enhanced safety measures, and noise-reduction capabilities truly set it apart. For businesses seeking efficiency combined with long-term value, EcoTEK™ emerges as the clear choice. Step into the future of packaging with confidence and precision.

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